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Integration is preferable to separate layers

SCS focuses on access control as a main security area that is a preventative measure as opposed to capturing information after a breach. Our engineers exploit Cloud and AI advances to restrict entry to a site as well as regulating, monitoring and auditing staff and visitor movements.

Our access control designs are versatile, offering rapid return on investment (ROI) through additional functions such as time & attendance and lone worker protection. Reports on people-flow can help optimize production and logistics.

The team were early adopters of biometric identification and have been quick to use smartphones and wearables as credentials devices for unified systems in which physical and cyber security converge.

Integrating with other security disciplines

SCS offers its contractor clients solutions that maximize interoperability with video surveillance and perimeter protection. Increasingly, we respond to client briefs with equipment using Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) devices as the sector continues to move away from the Wiegand interface.

Many end-users require twin authentication, with readers being activated by card or fob (but increasingly a smartphone) combined with fingerprint, iris or voice recognition. Appropriate access control prevents card pass-back and ‘buddy-punching’. We advocate Cloud hosting for the management platform if appropriate but recognize that sites requiring military-grade protection may opt for resident-based software.

Contractors employing SCS for access control give their end-users tight granularity that flags up atypical movement around a site. Staff and contractors are allowed privileges on a ‘need to be there’ and ‘need to know’ basis. As part of the main contractor’s team, SCS can communicate best practice to site managers.


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