IP, analogue and hybrid

Ground-up layered design support with field-tested class-leading components

SCS supports tier-1 contractors who have secured a tender with system design and delivery either as separate elements or project management. We excel in our conceptual approach, use of CAD and pre-build.

We treat ‘defence in depth’ not just as successive barriers but as a set of procedures that creates site awareness.

Best-of-breed methods for innovative project delivery

SCS’s offerings include project ‘rescue’ leading to protection of a contactor’s reputation. We minimize risk and expense by focusing on proof of concept and by testing designs at a unique factory acceptance test (FAT) facility.

We advise on, and deliver work at, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and assets of international importance. We can provide a full vulnerability, risk and threat analysis and deliver operational and technical solutions to protect your assets. Our services can include a physical test of your security plan, systems and procedures to highlight vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses, including perimeter fences, ethical hacking and table-top exercises.

SCS can assist at your client meetings by providing advice and counsel to all stakeholders facing security threats from hostile reconnaissance to terrorism.

What sets us apart?

  • Informed exhaustive risk analysis
  • Anticipate & evaluate threats
  • Contingency planning
  • Stringent safety protocols inc. SMSTS
  • Vendor-neutral – no brand alignments
  • Skill set from experience of CPNI sites
  • Ex-military & civilian security professionals.

Securing data centres

Leading-edge developments

Cloud-enabled technology

Ensuring scalability, ease of use and remote monitoring. Data can be shared with approved third parties.

‘As a service’ subscriptions

Managed and subscription services are flexible and produce cost savings by reducing capital outlay.

Internet of Things (IoT)

SCS thinking is joined-up. Our perspective ensures contractor clients give end-users broad security strategy.

Our approach to security at utility and CNI sites

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Certificates and working methods

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