Access control & biometrics

Unified credentials

SCS installs and works with RFID badges, tokens and fobs on client access control projects but increasingly our designs are frictionless.
New-build customers now often require RF-embedded chips in staff members’ mobiles or the granting of access privileges through facial recognition, a fingerprint scan and iris recognition.

SCS is using Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) to drive convergence of physical and digital security towards single credentialing with streamlined access request and approval processes across broad ranges of people, user-access profiles and physical access systems.

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Reports from SCS access control can double as time & attendance software so producing immediate return on investment (ROI).

Video entry

Full duplex video entry with both visitor and security guard able to see each other can help navigation of campus-style estates.


End-users wishing to eliminate passback of credentials and tailgating at secure facilities are major adopters of turnstiles.

Integrating access control with BMS

Access control as defence and a business enabler

SCS access control designs balance ease of legitimate rapid access (e.g. a medical ‘crash’ team at a hospital) with proper supervision of controlled entrances. SCS assist turnkey contractors with joined-up thinking, multi-purposing of security systems for general site management and pragmatic but strict control policy.

We assist both security staff and legitimate visitors by activating CCTV cameras after multiple failed attempts to open an access control door. We are adept at using security technology to help bona fide personnel as well as to alert on intruders.

SCS designs adapt to evolving threats and we mitigate the increasing incidence of vehicle-borne rampage attacks with solutions involving retractable or permanent barricades and bollards. Our staff can support security and civil engineering contractors by carrying out penetrative vulnerability and threat analysis.


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Mitigating threat from disaffected employees
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