CCTV and video analytics

Protecting client sites with video surveillance

SCS implements video surveillance to detect, deter, analyze and mitigate threats. Our engineers assist contractors and stakeholders by integrating CCTV with CSMS and PSIM to maximise site awareness.

Our designs secure perimeters and alert on unusual scenarios with scene analysis algorithms.

Facial recognition discussion

IP and megapixel

Using IP cameras at up to 50MP, our clients can benefit from a virtual matrix with minimal camera numbers.

Video analytics

We exploit leading algorithms to alert on unusual events but minimise nuisance alarms.


Mirrored recording ensures resilience and eliminates single point of failure.

Video surveillance with embedded intelligence

Class-leading adaptive CCTV

SCS empowers clients with high-resolution IP video from user-friendly interfaces so enabling them to make optimal decisions based on the best possible data.

Our CCTV offering employs deep learning and forensic video analysis. We enable facility managers to evaluate threats, retrieve data and distribute information. SCS project designs complement human intelligence with class-leading surveillance technology.


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